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Evangjelia aka Evie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, offers women a personalized approach tailored to aim every aspect of who they are - mind, body, spirit. Evie provides compassionate, therapeutic conversation aiming to heightens awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Evie brings an open, culturally humble presence to establish a safe space for collaborative work on a path to healing.

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My Story

Evangjelia (Evie)  graduated from UCF’s Advanced Standing Master of Social Work program  (CSWE accredited) where she chose a specialization track in mental health, family and children’s social work. After completing 2 years of postgraduate supervised clinical work and passing the ASWB exam, Evie obtained her license from the Board of Social Work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida. 

Evie’s experience includes providing mental health services for adults with symptoms of anxiety and depression with co-occurring and multiple medical conditions. She has provided individual and group counseling for clients battling drug and alcohol addiction. She gained further experience as a Hospice Medical Social Worker– assisting clients and their families in navigating plans for end-of-life care; stresses of debilitating physical illnesses, including emotional, familial and financial.  

Personal Beliefs

Everyone’s journey is unique. We cannot control the environment in which we are born or the hardships life throws, however we can control whether we seek help. We all need support, empowerment, and guidance in navigating challenges. Counseling is a collaborative relationship in which a client and therapist develop goals catered to the individual’s needs.

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